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To add some context to this first post I should say that I have been running regularly for many years, generally keeping to 5/10K distances, but have had the life-long dream of running the London Marathon – I hope this blog will encourage me to achieve that dream, no matter how long it takes. Sahdya has been running on-and-off over the past few years, and a few weekend’s ago marked her first post-Ramadan venture back into the world of running.

I wanted the day to be as run-filled as possible so spent my morning running solo around the quiet streets of London in the glorious sunshine, eventually stopping at Daisy Green’s in Marble Arch for lunch with my super-triathlete friend, Anne. Anne is a great source of inspiration and knowledge for all things fitness and nutrition and by the time we had finished sharing the banana bread sandwich she had somehow convinced me that I had the ability to get a ‘good for age’ qualifier for the marathon. Everyone needs a friend who can convince you that you are invincible.

After lunch I ran to Regent’s Park to meet Sahdya for ‘the inaugural’. We used to live together a few years ago and became the best of friends. Now, I sprung this run on Sahdya at the last minute – I think I gave her 48 hours notice and she had told me she was nervous as this was the first time we had run together. With this in mind, we would be taking it easy, but not too easy. I had my Garmin so could track our stats and by the time we had finished and were stretching back in Marylebone we had covered 4 miles. To say I was proud would be an understatement, Sahdya absolutely aced her first post-Ramadan run and with me being a usual-solitary runner, I was rather pleased to have found someone I was happy to run alongside.

Now, both of us are fairly careful with our nutrition and would not necessarily condone rewarding yourself with a sweet treat just for completing a run (although I am increasingly becoming a #willrunforcake kind of runner…), however it was a truly lovely day and the first time we had seen each other for a little while so we decided to pop into The Natural Kitchen on Marylebone High Street to try their new frozen yoghurt bar. It felt like a real treat as we sat indulging in our fro-yo in the park, watching the world go by.

All in all, a spectacular Sunday.



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