IMG_2528IMG_2487IMG_2425IMG_2458IMG_2461ASICS Europe were kind enough to send me the new Gel-Nimbus 17 running shoes to review as part of their ‘Mix Up Your Run’ challenge. They asked me what my aims were for the next year in terms of running and matched me with what they thought would be the perfect running shoe to meet my marathon aspirations.

These shoes had already caught my eye previously as they seemed to provide an advanced level of cushioning that I wasn’t used to in my current shoes (the ASICS Tri-Noosa, well…they are triathlon shoes, after all) and I knew that this would be hugely important when increasing my distances. After running in them for a few days now, on both hard concrete and grass, I can say that this extra cushioning really does make a huge difference – my feet feel like they have pillows surrounding them and it certainly makes my run feel ‘springier’. It’s hard to describe the run sensation you experience when running in the Nimbus 17 but I’ll say that it is squishy without feeling like you have lost any support and structure – this is largely thanks to the FluidRide midsole technology they have introduced.  I also love the fact that even though they clearly are very well-padded, it doesn’t actually make them feel like a heavy shoe to run in at all.

In terms of design, they look superb. I love the chunky gel being visible from the side – it’s something I find sartorially satisfying. I also think these are very flattering on the leg as they seem to raise your heel ever so slightly. The neon yellow laces are superb, as is the flash of pink (those that know me well know that I like to go as bright as possible with my running shoes), and so the only downside for me, style-wise, is the fact that there’s a little bit too much white on the shoe. Although this really is growing on me, and doesn’t look too bad with tanned legs. There is a good selection of colour choice within this range; something to suit everyone – so don’t let my aversion to white running shoes deter you.

On the whole, these seem like perfect marathon shoes for a long and steady run as I feel like I could continue running in them for hours, which is great and exactly what I need at the moment as I venture into this unknown territory. That being said, I am not convinced that they will help me to run a fast marathon as the cushioning, whilst dreamy, may be a little too luxurious (although, really and truly that is no bad thing as far as I’m concerned).

And to end, Runner’ Choice magazine selected the Nimbus 17 as their Editor’s Choice in June, which is pretty impressive in itself!


*Whilst ASICS kindly sent me these running shoes, all views are my own*



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