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The 1st October marks the start of the Ron Hill #RunEveryDay Challenge which I fully intend to take part in. Ron Hill is an incredible running legend who, in addition to being one of the fastest runners in the world, also managed to complete a 50 year run streak – very impressive indeed.

This year Ron Hill is encouraging people to run every day in October, no matter how small or great the distance is, and to share their experience with the Ron Hill community on social media. I generally cover 5K three-four times a week whilst out running, but as I will need to run every day I am planning on having a few days where I just run one mile (or two if I have the time and am so inclined). The aim on my 1 mile runs will be to run as fast as I can physically manage in order to really push myself, as I can be quite a lazy runner whilst out and about taking in the scenery around me.

I’m really excited to see what October will do for my fitness levels generally and to see what good habits I can get myself into in the lead up to Christmas. I am also in the process of organising a weekly running group at work, and our first session is on the 1st October so hopefully I can encourage a few colleagues to join in too.

Let me know if you have signed up to #RunEveryDay this October!


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