I always find this time of year particularly fun as this is the time to be booking onto next year’s races. I currently have 5 that I have registered for, in addition to a few more in the pipeline. Whilst it is incredibly exciting to think of next year’s races, I am of course riddled with a few injuries at the moment which is affecting my ability to train in the way that I would like to. Despite this inconvenience, I am still trying to run three times a week as my first race is rapidly approaching.


London Winter Run

(31st January)

It’s no secret that I love the London Winter Run (read last year’s race report here), and in 2016 I get to run it with my best friend. This is an exceptionally well-organised event by Human Race and is the perfect race for anyone new to running as it certainly isn’t a fast course. I am ridiculously excited to have this as my first event of the year as hopefully it will give me a decent running time to then aim towards beating in the rest of my races throughout the year. I would highly recommend signing up to this one if you haven’t competed in an organised event before – especially as training throughout winter is actually very pleasant.


MonacoRun – Monte Carlo 10K

(13th March)

I was really tempted with the French Riviera 23.8K race which takes place on the same weekend as part of the MonacoRun Festival, however I spent a lot of my childhood and teenage year in Monaco as my family lives there and when I started to think about how long the car journeys felt when travelling along the Côte d’Azur I thought it was perhaps best to keep to a manageable 10K this time round. My uncle usually runs this race and I have somehow managed to convince my run-hating husband to give it a go too, so it should be a really great event and will probably be the highlight of my running calendar. Here’s hoping for lovely sunshine on the day.

Canterbury 10K

(20th March)

A slightly less glamorous location a week after running around Monaco, but I suspect this one will be quite enjoyable. I hadn’t planned on doing two races on back to back weekends, but the Canterbury 10K is a convenient one for me and I suspect a few friends will probably run it too, so I didn’t want to miss out on the fun. Another huge benefit of this run is that it is traffic-free.

Canterbury Sprint Triathlon 

(3rd July)

I haven’t taken part in this triathlon before but know the area well and thought as the entire event is sprint-only it would be a good practice run for Hever (and potentially the Whitstable Triathlon which I am still waiting on for registration to open). I’m not used to pool based triathlons so that will be a lesson in itself, but I suspect the bike and run will be incredibly picturesque as it takes you out into the Kent countryside which really is lovely in the summertime.


Hever Castle Triathlon

(24th-25th September)

Hever is my ‘A race’ for 2016 and one which I am yearning for. I love Hever Castle and their triathlon series is so well organised and just a pleasure to take part in – the course is not the easiest, but it’s probably the most beautiful and that more than makes up for the suffering you put yourself through in order to get to the finish line. I probably shouldn’t say this out loud but I’m even looking forward to the mania on the start line of the swim.


Of course, the above is by no means my completed race schedule for the year. I am still waiting on registrations to open for a few events, but others on my radar include the RideLondon100 (ballot dependent), Whitstable Triathlon, the Royal Parks Half Marathon (ballot dependent) and a few other London 10Ks over the summer if I can make them fit in with our summer vacation plans.


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