Ah, the much loved Adidas Ultra Boost, casually littering Instagram feeds across the globe. And with good reason – Adidas wasn’t joking when they added the strapline ‘Your greatest run ever’ to these shoes.

As most of you know, I have been a loyal Asics wearer for a really long time, and before that I was in the Nike Lunar Glides and Air Pegasus – I tend to be the type who finds a brand they love and remains forever loyal, a creature of habit, perhaps. But many moons ago, in 2005, I ran my very first non-school race (the British 10K) in a pair of Adidas running shoes. The term ‘running shoe’ may be a little misleading in this case, actually…they were in fact a sky blue slip-on pair of Adidas shoes. Oh, it sounds so wrong to think that I actually attempted to run a race in something that quite honestly must be the most inappropriate shoe to run in. But I was young and naive and really didn’t care about running at all back then.

Fast forward to 2015 and being plagued with injuries – in particular what I think is a stress fracture on one of my metatarsal bones in my foot (although my x-ray has come back clear…) – I decided it was time to change running shoes completely, and so the Ultra Boost have happened. I won’t lie, part of my reasoning for buying these was the Frozen Yellow colour they come in…I knew I wanted my next runners to be a neon yellow, and was so dissatisfied with the selection in Nike and Asics after a recent visit that I thought it was time to take another look at Adidas.

As soon as I slipped on the Ultra Boost I could tell that these would really help my foot injury – again, it’s sort of a slip-on as there is no tongue or seams running down the shoe, but this time with laces to cage your foot in so that your run feels so much more secure. This immediately took away any upper pressure that my foot usually has to put up with and has made things a lot more comfortable. Adidas calls this its Primeknit technology which naturally expands with your foot to give a more personalised ride. I had worried that this would make my run feel less stable, and I’ll admit that it did feel a bit strange on my first run and left me wondering if I had made the wrong investment – however by my second run, my feet had adapted really well and I found that my running style was back to where it should be, pre-injuries.


The other thing to mention is that these feel incredibly light, too. I have spent the majority of my runs in my Ultra Boost feeling like these shoes are just a natural extension of my body as they don’t tire my legs out at all. They also have little suction-type circles on the soles which I can only assume is part of the Boost technology. Again, in my first run I found these a little odd, but by my second run I absolutely loved it as I realised they felt more like little springs pushing me further. Interestingly, I soon realised that this was the same sensation I had with my very first pair of Adidas shoes all those years ago – it’s strange how certain feelings stay hidden in your mind until something triggers them.

I think I can safely say that out of all the running shoes I have ever owned, these are by far my favourites. To the point where I am even considering buying them in the black too – because I’m one of those fools who has ‘dry mile only’ shoes, and frozen yellow is definitely a dry miler. I really am dreading the day they get a speck of dirt on them, sob.

At £130 they aren’t the cheapest, but I think for something as important as maintaining foot health and a solid running style, they really are worth the investment.


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