Oslo is one of my all-time favourite cities. It’s small yet perfectly formed and the Norwegians are wonderful and friendly. Last week I was lucky enough to spend a few days there for work, and as I knew I would have a few hours free each morning I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to pack my running kit and fit in some destination running. I’ve always thought the best way to get to know a city is on your feet.

The last time I was in Oslo was January of this year and it was the depth of their snowy winter and definitely not the kind of weather I could run in (although I did see people out and about running in the Aker Brygge area). At this time of year there’s no snow and it was relatively mild – well, hovering around 11 degrees for the first two days, which is comparable to London at the moment, and then the temperature dropped to 6 degrees on Sunday which was a bit more biting.  IMG_20151108_091510 IMG_20151108_154356

I managed to run twice whilst I was away – the first was on one of those lovely mild days, and it was just a 5K run from my hotel in the trendy Aker Brygge area, through the wharf development and along the waterfront to the stunning Oslo Opera House. My second run was when the temperature had dropped (and I only had running capris with me, sob!) and I ran the same route, but then used the design of the Opera House to do some hill repeats. It really was the perfect way to fit in hill work as it’s such a picturesque area – and unsurprisingly there were other runners doing the very same thing. My Ultra Boosts also performed better than expected at the Opera House as the surface is not the easiest to run on (marble, slippery, etc…).IMG_20151108_154825IMG_20151108_154053

I really was so pleased that I managed to fit in these two sessions – I was working until about 8pm each night and it isn’t easy to motivate yourself to wake up early to fit in a workout, but it really was worthwhile. The air in Norway feels so crisp and clean and I feel rejuvenated after running somewhere a little more exciting and a little more beautiful than my usual routes.

Of course, now I would really like to fit in a race the next time I visit – so I’ll have to start some strategic planning for that trip!


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