I am sure most of my readers will already be aware of the Advent Running team, and in particular of super cool co-founder, Claudia Schroegel, who manages to make running ultra marathons look like oodles of fun.

In addition to all of the great work AR does throughout the year, come Christmas time, things are turned up a notch and they work to get as many people running for 25 days from 1st December as possible. Although of course, if you cannot run every day, then there’s no pressure – it’s an incredibly supportive community and they celebrate every success, no matter how big or small. They also really encourage those new to running to give the activity a go during December – especially as it could get you into some great habits ready for the start of a new year.

This year, I intend to take part in #AdventRunning, but will also be setting an additional target of running 100K within those 25 days – averaging out at 4K per day. At the moment, despite my persistent injuries (sorry for constantly moaning about those!), I feel fairly confident that this is a target I can meet and will really help me in my preparation for my first race of next year; the London Winter Run on 31st January. Realistically I doubt that I will run for 25 consecutive days; my body certainly benefits from a rest day each week – which is precisely why I have set my 100K challenge to run alongside Advent Running. The two complement each other quite nicely and will suit my training needs as it means each of my sessions will be longer than 4K.

I also find this kind of challenge lends itself to benefits outside of just general fitness as it helps to give me peace of mind that I can indulge in festive sweet treats in the lead up to Christmas, knowing that I am doing an adequate amount of exercise each day to lessen the guilt. And, as I think I have mentioned before – running in the winter is actually a huge amount of fun. There’s nothing I enjoy more than being bundled up in layers and hats, tackling the elements.

I highly recommend you look into Advent Running if you haven’t already – they also have an incredibly active and supportive Facebook group which is worth joining if you decide to take on the challenge.



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