Here’s the thing: I won’t run commando. I know plenty of people who choose to, and these same people are fairly vocal in trying to convince others to run commando too. But it just isn’t for me.

Sports clothing technology has really advanced in recent years and I guess it was only a matter of time before that extended to underwear. There are a few brands out there who are developing products for this market, but Runderwear is the only one that I have invested in so far – so whilst my review does not take into account other brands who sell exercise-specific underwear, I can compare my Runderwear experience to my regular underwear.

Now, I can easily see how most people would assume that underwear made specifically for running is a little bit indulgent, and at £16 for one pair of my choice; the low-rise hipster, I can definitely see your point. But start running in Runderwear and you will soon see what all the fuss is about. These really are remarkably comfortable with their seamless technology and breathable fabric. There really is nothing worse than having your underwear cut into your waist whilst running, which is an all too frequent occurrence. In fact, and this may be a bit ‘TMI’, I actually developed little cuts on my hips from my underwear this summer. I can guarantee that this will not be an issue with Runderwear, though. And whilst I am not someone who tackles long distances at the moment, I can see that these would provide a chafe-free long run for those that do.


Despite how unimportant the aesthetics of underwear is in sport, for some reason it really is quite important to me. And so I am happy that I don’t have to deviate from my underwear colour of choice, black. And I even like the strip of turquoise on the waistband. They do have one other colour choice at the moment, a pale blue, which really isn’t my kind of thing but I am sure would appeal to others. And I keep hearing that they are in the process of developing other colours too.

I will also add that the customer service at Runderwear is absolutely superb. I had only ordered one pair, but due to an error in their system my order was originally missed – I hadn’t realised this and just assumed that delivery was slow and decided to wait patiently. However, 6 days after placing my order the co-founder of Runderwear, Richard, contacted me directly explaining the situation and sent me an extra pair for free. For me, a customer service experience like that really highlights how the company values and understands its customer – and it certainly encourages me to purchase from them again.

All in all, a really great product that I would highly recommend to anyone who runs. Runderwear often has special offers for those signed up to their website, so it’s worth registering your email address with them and waiting for a good discount to come up.


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