Rather excitingly, I am part of the official #BlogSquad for the Sport Relief Swimathon 2016 which means there will be a lot more swim content on the blog over the next few months.

Swimming is something I have always loved, although I must admit that after a few years of competitive swim clubs as a child my swimming style these days generally revolves around some kind of sandy beach and Mediterranean sea, or the occasional open water swim in freezing British waters. Essentially, I am an unstructured lazy swimmer. But apparently my technique is good – so that’s a start, I guess.

Swimathon seems like the perfect challenge for me at the moment as I need to bring some consistency into my training to meet my triathlon goals for this year. And so, on Saturday 19th March, I will be tackling the 1.5K at Whitstable Pool which I am already looking forward to so much. I’m also running a 10K race the day after, and have an overseas race the Sunday beforehand – but I have always enjoyed a good challenge. And just think of the carb-loading!

Training for Swimathon is already in full-swing – I signed up to a new pool in November and try to fit in two sessions per week. I am actually quite surprised by just how much I am enjoying swimming at the moment – it’s also nice to have another discipline to focus on which actually complements my running performance without me feeling like I’m sacrificing a run session. There are training plans on the Swimathon website too which will help people reach their swim goals by the Swimathon weekend in March – I find these really useful as they provide structure to each of your sessions which will improve your performance, rather than just having a nice time swimming a few laps of a pool each week but without seeing much improvement.

As part of the #BlogSquad I was also lucky enough to be kitted out by Zoggs with some really cool items, including the Rhodes Zipped Hi Neck Swimsuit which is possibly the best swimming costume I have ever swam in. It is so comfortable to wear and incredibly flattering as it doesn’t show off a huge amount of skin. It also seems really well designed for sport swimming, so I’m thrilled with my choice and have enjoyed wearing it to my recent sessions.

The whole point of Swimathon is to get the nation swimming – there are pools all around the country who are involved in hosting Swimathon from Friday 18th-Sunday 20th March 2016, it is also a great way of raising a bit of money for a good cause by fundraising for Sport Relief simultaneously.

If you are interested in taking part in Swimathon this year, visit their website to find your nearest participating pool and then just commit to it – you won’t regret it and it will give you a great spring goal to work towards!


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