A few weekends ago we were finally able to take our bikes out for our first outdoor ride of the season. I’ve been waiting patiently for this moment and have had to grit my teeth whilst tackling boring and lengthy indoor turbo sessions through the freezing winter. Originally I had planned to take my road bike out but with the cliffs on our doorstep we thought my Cannondale mountain bike and my husband’s Genesis Croix de Fer would be more fun.

We thought we’d just have a short ride, cycling round to our other house a few minutes away and then continuing for about half an hour along the cliffs…with this plan in my mind, after consulting with the boss, I chose to wear regular sports kit and took a very relaxed approach to it all…not even packing water or a snack. Of course, we ended up discarding our original plan and were out on the bikes for nearly two hours. It was such a stunning day (although still quite cold and breezy) so it only seemed right to make the most of a rare Sunday with no other plans.

I have a really beautiful Brooks saddle on my MTB, which is fantastic all the time you’re wearing padded shorts. But needless to say half way into the ride I regretted the decision to forego the shorts. Even without the shorts the ride itself was pretty exhilarating and I was so excited to finally be cycling outdoors again. Our intention is to try and fit in a long ride every weekend, generally on the road bikes, once May arrives…at the moment life always seems to get in the way of a well-planned cycle due to other competing interests and commitments unfortunately.

Does anyone else have difficulty fitting in lengthy training rides?


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