Stretching – it’s a love-hate thing and everyone seems to have a different perspective on it. I remember when Sahdya decided she would start running and messaged me asking what stretches I do before a run. My response? I do nothing. I don’t even start off slowly for the first few minutes. Essentially, when I want to run, I’m going to run, and I’m going to do it at full capacity. I’m sure some will be horrified to learn that I refuse to warm my muscles up first, but quite frankly, I cannot be bothered.

When it comes to the end of my run though I have a full stretching routine which I have performed religiously for years and years and years. I don’t know where I picked up this routine – perhaps an aerobics class from my teenage years or those days when I used to read magazines on how to get the perfect body (how depressing), and I am sure I’m not really stretching to my full capacity but what I’m doing seems to work for me. I also perform the same stretches after a cycle, long hike or any other endurance event. There are the occasional sessions where I will skip stretching, for example if I have been running in torrential rain and all I want to do is have a hot shower, but I certainly notice the difference in how my body feels the next day if I haven’t performed my regular routine. I also don’t currently foam roll or do anything else fancy, apart from the occasional hot tub session strategically sat by the super powerful jets.

What’s your take on stretching?


2 thoughts on “Stretching It Out

  1. I truly believe it’s beneficial for anyone to have some sort of stretching routine. I always stretch first thing in the morning, right after my daily workout, and then one last time for the day before I go to sleep. I find it to be stress-relieving, helpful with muscle recovery; and it keeps my joints and lower back (especially the sacrum) from locking up.


    1. I have so much respect for you being so disciplined – I wish I could find some of that motivation. I know my body does feel better after a very good stretch or massage so I need to start making some time for it properly!


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