Most people know just how much I love destination running, whether that be for a race or just to keep on top of training, and New York did not disappoint. I started my work trip in a rather uninspiring part of New Jersey but still managed to fit in a run (even if it did mean running laps of a Walmart carpark…) but once I moved back into NYC the fun really began.

I was working ridiculous hours but decided to run commute between my places of work during the week which meant I avoided the subway and enjoyed the glorious weather which was in the low twenties whilst I was there. The last time I was in the city it was the middle of winter and I was permanently frozen so this felt like quite a treat, especially as I knew temperatures in the UK were awful so it was nice to escape the chill for a bit.

One of my most memorable runs was on my one and only day off with my friend Sarah who lives in NYC. Sarah knew that I wanted to run the Brooklyn Bridge whilst I was in the city so we agreed to meet up on the Friday morning on the Manhattan side of the bridge, then run across, before exploring the Dumbo area of Brooklyn. Of course the bridge was ridiculously busy with tourists but we still had a fantastic time and I honestly could not have been happier running across such an iconic site with the sun shining down on me and in the company of a great friend. We then had lunch at Friend of a Farmer before heading back to Manhattan. I decided to run back from the World Trade Center to 41st Street where I was staying which meant I could get a really good mileage under my belt for that day.

There really is nothing better than destination running – it’s such an easy way to see so many iconic sites in one go!



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