I’ve been an observational fan of Sweaty Betty for a few months now, but hadn’t felt the overwhelming need to invest in any of their pieces until I set eyes on the Ipanema print Mojo Run Shorts. I’ve wanted some flattering tight shorts to run in but my usual go-to brand’s version are just a little bit too short for me to feel confident whilst wearing them.

I had mixed feelings when I first spotted the Mojo shorts as they are technically a high waisted short and high waisted items just don’t work on me because of my hip-waist ratio. Luckily they have a side zip so you can comfortably turn the waist down and wear the shorts on your hip. Even with the waist down the band still stays comfortably in place whilst running with no sign of it rolling back up. And on that note the shorts don’t ride up either which means I can at least preserve some decency whilst running.

The other truly great feature of these shorts is the zip pocket. I think this is the first time I have ever come across a pair of running shorts with a zip pocket so I am literally over the moon. Nothing irritates me more than the usual useless open pockets you find on shorts which cannot possibly store anything other than a lip balm or teeny tiny iPod, and I certainly wouldn’t trust putting my key in an open pocket.

I also absolutely love the geometric print, although when I first saw the colour combination I was a little disappointed as I am not a huge lover of peachy-aqua tones (I tend to opt for neon). However this colour palette has really grown on me and I am so happy to have bought them.

These are definitely my new favourite running shorts!1IMG_16781IMG_1691


2 thoughts on “Review: Sweaty Betty Mojo Run Shorts

    1. Ah, thigh chafe – I hadn’t even thought of that. Even though I absolutely love this pair I still don’t think I’ve found ‘the one’ in terms of running shorts…the search continues…


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