The ASICS Europe team recently sent me their new DynaFlyte shoes to review. Excitement grew as soon as I opened the box and saw some serious neon accents on each shoe – I knew these would go down as some of my favourite shoes, style-wise. I love the contrast of the monochrome overlays against the neon heels, and also think the mix of multiple neons work really well with this shoe. Even down to the black laces, this is the kind of shoe I want to be seen in.

Luckily, it’s not just style over substance here. From my very first run in them I could tell they would be a speedy shoe and after a month of running I can confirm that they fully met my expectations. The shoe itself feels quite structured so I know my foot is nice and secure, they are also adequately cushioned without feeling spongey at all (there’s nothing worse than a shoe that you just sink into when running). So far, so good. As for the weight? Well, there’s nothing of them…I have really grown to favour lightweight running shoes recently and am very pleased to see that ASICS has jumped on this bandwagon and has developed something that could easily rival my Adidas Ultraboosts. IMG_2433IMG_2447

I haven’t raced in this shoe yet as all my events at the moment are multi-sport and I think the structured nature of the shoe would add a few precious seconds onto my transition time. The heel comes up quite high which I suspect would irritate my ankle on anything long-distance too, I also find that my feet feel quite hot when wearing them (although I suspect that may be due to the hotter-than-usual summer temperatures we have experienced recently). However for anything in the 5-10K range these shoes are absolutely ideal and I would highly recommend them. I really do think that ASICS produce some of the best running shoes in the market, and these are no exception.

Would I repurchase these? Yes, absolutely. If you are looking for a new pair of running shoes that offer comfort and stability whilst maintaining speed, then these should be top of your list to try.

Also, if you ever want to vary your run training – run around a BMX track a few times…fun, technical, and exhausting! IMG_2464

*Whilst ASICS kindly sent me these running shoes, all views are my own*


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