Longtime no post, whoops.

After the Oysterman Triathlon I sort of lost my motivation for all things triathlon…I still absolutely adore the sport and am completing my training religiously, but I have definitely reached that stage of mental and physical fatigue and am looking forward to a bit of a break. Hever Castle Triathlon is this weekend so my training for the week is a little lighter than usual, this is also my last race of the year and whilst it has been an interesting year where I have learnt to push myself through barriers I didn’t even know existed, I really am looking forward to a few months without racing (my next race is 5th Feburary 2017!).

A big part of this loss of motivation is because I’m ridiculously injured so training and racing physically hurts, but I’m hoping these injuries will clear up over the autumn and winter with reduced training and a bit of bio-mechanical work. The other part is that I crammed my race schedule with too much and that took some of the fun away – lesson learnt for next year. I have also felt far less inclined to document my training on social media because even I get sick of that world sometimes.

Whilst I’ve been in this little funk, I have been following the Strava Strive videos and slowly but surely have felt better about myself and the effort I’m putting in. The concept behind this initiative, in Strava’s words: ‘Being an athlete is simple – all you have to do is strive‘, essentially just you, doing your own thing, at your own pace, is enough to be an athlete. Being an athlete, at any level and with any distance, requires courage, determination, enthusiasm and a general bonne humeur, and these videos really do highlight that attitude.

So if you ever have moments of self-doubt whilst on your journey as an athlete, watch one of their videos and take pride in how far you’ve come and how much is still ahead. Also, the videos are beautifully shot and really do help to remind you that being an athlete should be fun (even when deep in the pain cave).


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