The past few weeks have been deliciously relaxing; I really slowed down and forgot about having a proper training routine for a while. I cycled a handful of times, ran a few times more and forgot about swimming completely. I also started going to a barre class which I really love and has inspired me to incorporate a bit more strength training and pilates-based exercises into my training.

But the lazy times have to come to an end. My first race of 2017 is a coastal endurance trail race at the beginning of January, and although they call it a 10K it’s actually 7.7 miles and is a race that requires a decent amount of training. I had intended to start my new training plan last week but unfortunately succumbed to freshers’ flu (from the university my lovely husband works at, thanks for that…I had successfully managed to avoid the freshers’ flu from my university rather well until he brought the germs home!) so other than a barre class and a bike ride, I was pretty much wiped out for the week.

And so I shall restart my training plan this week, which won’t be easy as I’m working a few long days in Brussels during the first part of this week and then working in Rome in a fortnight, but once those commitments are out of the way there should be few interruptions to my training leading me into the new year.

So, what’s my plan? Well, running will be my main focus and will involve three sessions per week (short, tempo and long). My Bianchi will be on the turbo and I’ll aim to fit in two sessions, although will allow myself to drop down to one if I’m having a ‘can’t be bothered’ moment – if I head outdoors for cycling it’ll most likely be on my MTB. I will aim to swim once a fortnight, and will have two strength training sessions per week – one of which will be my barre class and the other will be a home workout with weights.

That’s seven decent sessions a week which is more than enough to keep my base fitness levels up throughout the winter with the intention of starting my focussed triathlon training at the beginning of April. I also want to make sure that I’m not sacrificing my social life and other opportunities in favour of my training though so will hopefully be able to drop a session here and there without feeling guilty as and when the need arises.  This year I started my triathlon training at the beginning of February which was just far too early considering my last race (which was also my A race) was at the end of September, so April feels like it will be a better time for me especially as I will have completed all of the shorter running races that I’m signed up to during the first part of the year by then.

I have to admit though, I really have enjoyed being lazy recently and know I will have lost a lot of fitness that I now need to regain which won’t be particularly easy. But everyone needs a bit of indulgence after such a busy season (oh, and I also used that ‘lazy time’ productively at work which resulted in a new position as Faculty Director of Recruitment…so it’s not like I completely dropped the ball).



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