For those who have been following this blog for a while now, and indeed those that know me in real life, you will know that I cannot have a conversation about running without mentioning Advent Running. Last year, Advent Running was quite possibly the running highlight of my entire year – sure, it was challenging and exhausting, but it was also incredibly rewarding and made the lead up to Christmas all the more fun.

The aim of Advent Running is to get as many people as possible running, or doing some kind of activity, for 30 minutes a day for 25 days from 1st December. Last year I ran every day of Advent Running and made a whole new group of friends along the way. This year, I have already decided that I don’t have to run on the days that I swim, as activity is all about enjoying yourself rather than pushing yourself to fit in as much as possible, but I will run on those days I do barre or body pump. That being said, I know I get caught up in the Advent Running hysteria so who knows if I will actually be able to resist on swim days.

But the best thing about Advent Running (aside from super inspiring founders Claudia and James), is the online community that goes with it. If you want to give Advent Running a go this year make sure you join their Facebook group, and make sure you post photos along the way. Thirty minutes of activity is not a huge burden to fit in each day, although during the festive season it becomes a lot more challenging than other times of the year (we were fitting in our runs at 11pm some nights last year!), but come Christmas Day when you complete that final run you will feel incredibly proud of yourself…and you’ll probably find that you want to continue your run streak into the New Year.

Happy running!


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